Are candles still made to order?
Yes, by the time you receive your candle, it will be either 2 to 10 days old!

That's FRESH!

Where is the subscription box?
On the main page, click or tap on Sub Box!

Where is my subscription box?
Payment is collected by on the 11th of the current month.
Shipping for each box begins on the 4th of the current month. I hope to have shipping completed between the 4th and 6th day of the current month depending on order volumes.

Are you interested in doing wholesale?

Yes, but I'm not sure where or how to start. I don't have UPC labels.

Where else can I buy your candles?
Here, Etsy, and Cratejoy!

How long can I expect each candle to burn?
50-55 hours, mostly depending on your environment with temperature, humidity and altitude being the main factors.

When does shipping begin?
Shipping begins within 2-5 days of your non-subscription box order. This allows time for the wax to solidify over 24 hours and to prepare a shipping package. Each candle is individually wrapped in thick packaging foam as of mid-2016.

Will I get tracking information with my order?
Yes, and tracking is free!

Is my personal information safe?
Your shipping information is never shared, copied, sold, or spoke of. It is for my eyes and the shipping/handling team at USPS or UPS only. The only print-out of your information is on the shipping label and some times a packing slip which will be in the non-subscription box.