Hello, my name is Jeremy. I began the Black Pearl C.C. in August 2015 as a project at an old apartment I used to live in. I had nothing but small tins, soy wax, paper wicks, and a little dream about starting a business.

It started as a conversation piece before I had bought any supplies for candlemaking. I'd annoy my co-workers with ideas about starting it up, and after working overtime for a month, I put that all of that extra cash towards supplies to start a small operation.

For my first product, I decided to make vanilla scented soy wax candles in 8oz travel tins. I had to research how to melt the wax on day one and when to add the fragrance, how fast to pour, and so on. It took me around two hours to make ten candles.

They cooled overnight. The apartment smelled like vanilla the night before and the following day. I trimmed the wicks after the alarm woke me up around 5:00 AM. I put on the labels and the lids and brought them to work with me. I sold a handful to co-workers and then ventured to my grandparents and parents place to sell the rest.

I sold everything in one day, which was very cool, but I had run out of extra money to order more products. The capital I purchased consumed the extra money from overtime I earned, so I turned to Kickstarter with a budget in mind to make up to 20 different variations of candles.

My first project failed.

I scrapped the old business plan and changed the name and tried again two months later. The Black Pearl Candle Company was born in August 2015. It was now planted on Kickstarter and waiting for backers. At first, I tried very hard to make a cell phone video of me talking about the candles, but I critiqued myself harshly and scrapped about two hours of video.

I decided to record a brand new soy candle I made with a wooden wick burn. It crackled and the microphone picked it up. I had made about $300 in backing funds in the first 24 hours. The campaign was 30 days long.

After 29 days, I was at my goal, and then I had a surge of backers in the last 24 hours to catch the rewards. I now had 27 individuals who believed in me to ship over 100 candles throughout the U.S. and I had to do it alone. The funds from Kickstarter and the payout process took quite a while, up until late November to receive it all.

Black Pearl C.C. was going to be a success if I could pull it off.

The apartment was littered with shipping boxes, over 100 candles, and a lot of new entrepreneurial mistakes, which I have learned from.

I managed to ship every candle on the last possible day of shipping for the Holidays before Christmas Eve. I waited in line for two hours at the USPS for you folks! It was a relief when it was all done and to see all of the boxes make it to the backroom.

I had two orders with broken candles. I know why it happened, but I learned how to adequately pack the candles since then.

Three years later, I have improved on the candlemaking and shipping processes to get them freshly made and shipped to you in under 4 days while still working on the business alone.

The experience has been a story of a lifetime and one I can be proud of.

Thank you all.