Hello, my name is Jeremy Schneider. I began Black Pearl Candle Company in 2015 as an unnamed project in a small one bedroom apartment. It started as a conversation piece at work before I had bought any supplies for candle crafting. I'd talk to my co-workers about ideas of starting it up, got inspired, and began working overtime for over a month. I put all the extra overtime cash towards supplies to start a small operation with soy wax and candle tins. I had nothing but the basics and a dream of success.

Black Pearl Candle Company was truly born in August 2015. It was then when it was planted on Kickstarter and waiting for backers. After 29 days out of a 30 day campaign, I was at my goal, and then I had a surge of backers in the last 24 hours to catch the rewards. I now had 27 individuals who believed in me to ship over 100 candles throughout the U.S. and I had to do it all on my own. I pulled it off by making several trips to USPS.

It was all inspired by DISNEY'S Pirates of the Caribbean's films because of Jack Sparrow's beautiful ship, the Black Pearl. It started off with mostly island fragrances and now it has broadened in every direction!

Over the years, I have improved my methods to get candles freshly made-to-order and shipped to you! I like working on collaborations with friends and other businesses and hope to continue to grow.

Thank you all,

Jeremy Schneider