2D Con!

It was awesome seeing many new faces at 2D Con and I must share my thanks again on the website here. Thanks for your interest and your purchases from my small business operation. I sold out completely on the third day. If you return to this website with the business card, I hope you're enjoying them!

Thanks for being my first public customers and visitors. It was a great experience! Next year, I'll have much more options and keeping the prices the same. I'm hoping to undergo a soap-making and jewelry project to expand product options.


With sincere thanks,


Work to be completed before March!

I have a Facebook page to create and manage for giveaways and special coupons for all of you and all of the newcomers.

There is a Canon G7X that will be arriving tomorrow which will allow me to make higher quality photos of the candles for the website and will give me capabilities to vlog production.

The Kickstarter Backer page now has everybody's names in there for recognition.