Opening Soon

I am currently working on a subscription box business pivot that I am sure most of you will really enjoy! It's taking up all of my time listening to podcasts, doing market research, purchasing efficiency capital, finding new labels, and investing in new boxes. The candles will still work as they always have! I am very excited about this! Over the last 5 years, shipping has increased from $5.25 to about $8.85 per box and I knew this was going to change my prices and how I operate my business eventually. I made no changes during the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 313 of you who have been subscribed to my newsletters but I rarely use the opportunity to communicate with you and that will change when I begin my subscription box pre-launch. For some transparency, I want you all to know that the average purchase has always been 3 to 4 candles per customer. Variety in a box is important to me and it always will be. For years, I offered free shipping on orders $36 or over. My subscription box will contain 3 candles minimum, still have free shipping, AND have presentation improvements. For example, my printer didn't always print labels straight, but I just rolled with it! I will still hand-write fragrance names, I will still make candles as a human, I will still be creative, just the only difference will be making my job easier to provide candles to existing candle lovers in my e-mail list and to the new customers who will soon discover me. This will not mean I am going to mass produce candles months ahead of time. Making my candles to order has been just as important to me as providing varieties. The subscription box will finally allow me to make three thematic candles per month for all of you. They'll fit the season, the Holidays, even Black Friday or Cyber Monday where I already plan on stuffing those boxes full at no extra or surprise costs. Finally, I am sure you're wondering about the price. Because of shipping costs from my suppliers and to you both increasing, this would have created a need to have increased my candle costs from $12.99 to $13.99. That's $12.99 x 3 = 38.97 + sales tax = $41.74. With increased candle price, that's $13.99 x 3 = $41.97 + sales tax = $44.96. I have settled on $44.99 + sales tax = $48.19 per box of 3 candles minimum. At that price, it will allow me to order more things in bulk, order different jars once in a while, and not have to change my prices for at least another 5 years!