Hello there! You've found me! I can guess that you're thinking, "what makes your candles so special compared to other candles?" Worry not. I have several answers for you below.
My candles are created using 100% biodegradable organic soy wax that has been infused with botanical oils to create a candle that produces more fragrance throw, less soot, and a slightly longer burn time. No petrochemicals, carcinogens or heavy metals are involved here. Just an all-natural burn experience. The way a natural soy candle should be.
They're made with a Forestry Stewardship Council certified 3/4" wood wick that generates subtle crackles and pops. It's not as loud as it seemed on the Kickstarter video. The wood wicks are treated and work best with soy wax to give you virtually no soot, a slow-dancing flame, and a 3-minute melt pool.
All the fragrances have been hand-selected so that I know they don't contain phthalates, plastics, petrochemicals or other sulfates. The fragrances are premium-grade and mixed into the wax at the right temperature - giving you a healthy dose of your favorite fragrances from my candle collection. Compared to other candle manufacturers, I use more fragrance oil than they do. You get what you're paying for at the Black Pearl and there's also no middle man.
Imagine having a candle like this in your hands or as a gift to someone else. Each candle contains 8 ounces of wax and fragrance combined, hand-poured in small batches inside of a glass mason jar with the sleek lid and a stretch tie. No machinery or robot is pouring these candles for you, which makes them much more personable.
Candles make a great gift because they have to be used and every time your gift receiver uses it, they will think about you.
You might now be thinking, "That's why these candles are special. I'm going to keep them for myself instead."

Enjoy your time here and see what I have in the product catalog for you.

Thank you for visiting today.