Candles that contain jute ropes, trinkets, or wax seals are no longer available in that style. I felt that it created more waste when the candle is done burning. Less is honestly more. The stretch ribbons looks much more classy and can be reused as long as their knot is not undone.

A black or gold stretch ribbon will always be on your soy candle unless preferred not to.

Processing and production of your order starts immediately when payment has cleared.

Soy wax candles can have a frosty look upon cooling. Frosting is an indication that the soy wax is real. It does not affect the burning performance.

Shipping begins within 2-5 days. This allows the time for the soy wax to harden 24 hours and to prepare a shipping package. Each candle is individually wrapped in thick packaging foam as of mid 2016.

Your information is never shared, copied, sold, or spoke of. It is for my eyes and the shipping/handling team at USPS only. The only print-out of your information is for the shipping label.