Black Pearl Candle Company

I love the fact that what I am doing with my free-time turns into a beautiful product of my imagination.

Hello! My name is Jeremy Schneider. I have a passion for creating premium-grade soy wax candles with a charming design. They're a great fit for personal use and gifting. Below, you'll find my inspiration and some of the steps required to how I got to where I stand now with my products.

My inspiration mostly came from daydreaming. The other part of my inspiration has been from my mother, who has been a candle lover for many years, and I have a fond memory of candle shopping with her. Comparing fragrances, appearances, and waxes.

With those memories, experiences, and daydreams, I thought "Maybe this could be a passion of mine if I try." So, I had to give it a try. Between working full-time and sitting at home, I spent over 200 hours doing intensive research before placing supply orders. I placed my order for over $400. Once they hit my doorstep, I made my first set of 8 candles inside of tins with a vanilla fragrance. They all sold in less than a week.

I sought out to calculate a budget to improve and enhance the business by turning to Kickstarter. I didn't really have strong presentation experience, but I did know how to do entry-level design work. I created a large image, full of the fragrance names, the benefits and slapped it on the story page on the Kickstarter project. The first attempt did not reach the goal.

The second attempt, after a design change and a video of a candle burning, it did end up working in my favor, but I modestly believe it was because of the Holidays and folks wanted great gifts. With the power of crowdfunding and word of mouth, generous folks from all over America pledged for the business and their rewards and I successfully delivered every candle despite some hardships with Holiday shipping and my printer mechanically failing.

While that is great news, I had to outdo myself. I wasn't impressed with their initial design or the original name I created. I've recreated the entire design of my business three times now. I didn't record the hours, but it has definitely been months of solid work and thoughts, and I finally get to see it pay off. It has been extremely rewarding.

I now have a wide variety of fragrances and a handful of face-to-face buyers, but now I'm trying to extend my market through online sales on the Etsy handmade goods community and my personal website at

Thank you.